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Some People Don’t Like Snakes, but they have made this woman famous!

Effie Calavaza is a Zuni Silversmith whose work has captured the hearts of many collectors. She was born in 1928 and started making jewelry in the 1950’s. She is still doing some silver work although she has passed her designs down to her daughters.

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This Silversmith Does It All!

Friday, September 8, 2017 5:24 PM

This Silversmith Does It All!
Many of you are familiar with Jesse Robbins, a Creek Indian who attended Fort Lewis College in Durango, went on to get his Masters in Archeology at Northern Arizona University and dedicated himself to becoming a full time silversmith.

Jesse has done very well and this last year was accepted to show at the Heard Museum Show and the Santa Fe Indian Market for the first time. Jesse’s jewelry looks like it came out of the 1800s. And it is made just like it was made back then.
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Santa Fe's Indian Market Week and What We Bring to the Party!
You can spin it anyway you want, but there is nothing like the third week in August in Santa Fe! The town is bustling with energy, and shows featuring the finest in Native American and tribal art are all over town. Every gallery, shop and museum is featuring their best and you get to rub shoulders with the nicest artists and friendliest people in the world! 
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The Story of Willie Yazzie, World Class Navajo Silversmith

Hopi jewelry, where one piece of silver has a pattern cut out of it and is then inlaid on top of a second piece, was really popular. This overlay style was picked up by some Navajo artists, like Yazzie, but he was the best at it. 

Unlike the Hopi overlay artists, he did not stamp or engrave the bottom sheet of silver, but rather just oxidized it to create the contrast between the top and bottom sheets. 

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