Rey, Jim

JIM REY'S family has been active in some aspect of the cattle business for over 100 years, and his home provides the inspiration and the settings for much of his work. Jim mixes his ranch work experience and years of historical research to create his beautiful, authentic art works.

Rey graduated from the "old school" of painting - "I read a lot on my own, went through every art book I could get my hands on, and learned to paint by painting." Before he established a reputation as a western artist, Jim completed many commissioned works. He did 51 paintings for the Encyclopedia Britannica which illustrated the history of the buffalo in the American West. He was the Graphic Arts Director for Bilingual Children's Television, Inc.; Graphic Arts Director for "Over Easy" starring Hugh Downs and Phyllis Diller; and was the Art Director for the Emmy Awards in 1973, 1974 and 1976. Jim's paintings are authentic, and he puts his subjects into real situations, "I strive to take a thought and bring in my way of looking at things to situations I care about."