McGowan, Rosalis Clair

McGowan, Rosalis Clair

Rosalis spent much of her life as an artist looking for her perfect medium. As a young person, she drew and painted with a sophistication well beyond her years. Today, when asked about her favorite creations, she'll open her phone and show you a still life she painted when she was eleven!

As a young adult, her pencil drawings showed exquisite detail and subtle shading that echoed black-and-white photography. She explored pottery in California and was mentored by master Pueblo ceramicist Art Tequaesche, who recognized a natural, spirit-given talent in her.

Along her way, Rosalis began to engage with the corporate world, managing companies and operating as a consultant to leaders and start-ups. While continuing her study under a world-collected painter/sculptor, she became his manager and promoted his work. Always aligning herself with the healing powers of nature, she began to include natural elements in her art.

As she developed a successful career for herself in the corporate world and raised a son as a single mom, she never lost sight of her passion as an artist with a fierce desire to honor Mother Nature. While in Fredericksburg, Texas in 2006 she found herself at a crossroads, with a cow skull laid at her feet. She had an inspiration! She tucked the skull under her arm, took it back to her studio, and began embellishing it with semi-precious stones, raw materials, and one-of-a-kind found objects. With every sacred item she placed, she got more passionate and decided to leave her corporate life behind and devote herself fully to her heart's calling.

Shortly after that, when she found a Buffalo Skull in Sedona, she knew her path was confirmed.

"I took a risk," she said.

"Each piece I create with these materials is a unique way of transforming what our Mother has provided by turning it into fine art."

"It is an intuitive process. When working on a piece, I place old-world spiritual emblems next to modern pieces and let my intuition guide my hand until it all feels right. Each piece is meant to communicate a message of unification from both these worlds."

"I hope that people who buy my work find a connection with it that means as much to their lives as it does to mine."

And how does Rosalis feel about the path that brought her here?

"I have searched for this feeling of passion for over 30 years and finally found it! I have a few pieces that I will never sell because they feel so personal."

McGowan lives and creates her art in Durango, Colorado, and searches worldwide for the perfect materials.