Two Grey Hills Area Weavings

The weavings from this area are often referred to as the Cadillac of Navajo weaving. The two traders, Ed Davies from Two Grey Hills and George Bloomfield from nearby Toadlena, adopted many of the styles from JB Moore’s patterns but encouraged the use of all-natural colored wool in the rugs they bought.

The blending of the natural brown, grey, white and black wool created a pleasing palette and, because the traders paid more for quality, the designs and weaving became finer and more intricate. The Two Grey Hills area was famous for creating the “Tapestry” quality weaving (over 80 weft threads to the inch) and Daisy Tauglechee, who wove pieces in excess of 120 wefts per inch, is considered to have been the finest Navajo weaver. It was because this weaving area that the Navajo rug began to take its place on the walls of American homes and was first recognized as fine art. 

The Toadlena Trading Post is one of the few fully operating posts on the reservation and the Two Grey Hills Post also continues to operate, although on a limited basis.