Thompson, Jan

Jan Thompson, a native of Durango, began tapestry weaving in 1972, working continuously in that medium until 1994. Her wall hangings are now in private homes throughout the country as well as in a number of corporate collections.

Beginning in 1994, Thompson began to silk screen prints using many of the same images that she had previously woven. She says, "I love to hike in the canyons of the Colorado Plateau. In my work, I am attempt to capture the colors, shapes and textures of the canyons and mesas of the Four Corners region."

Married to a southwest archaeologist, Thompson often utilizes architectural and artistic motifs of the prehistoric peoples of the southwest in her serigraphs. She and her husband sometimes take their four grandchildren with them in their 4-wheel drive to car camp in the canyons, often hiking three miles to find the latest rock art about which someone has told them. Most of the titles of her serigraphs are named for the general area from where the image was taken. Thompson says she is also enjoys interpreting the patterns of the Mimbres culture, particularly since so many of their sites have been looted and are in private collections, where their wonderful work cannot be seen by most people, except perhaps as small photographs in books.

Jan Thompson's serigraphs are hand-pulled and printed on 100 percent acid-free paper. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist. There are generally only 12 to 30 serigraphs of each image until the end of the edition.


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