Teec Nos Pos Area Weavings

The Teec Nos Pos Trading Post, south of the Four Corners, was one of the last areas to develop its own style of weaving. The designs are often considered to have borrowed elements from the J.B. Moore Crystal area weavings and have many attributes in common with Oriental weavings. The early trader at the post gave credit for the designs to a missionary by the name of Mrs. Wilson who lived on the San Juan River near the post.


A second style of weaving, with a serrated design and bright colors is also recognized as a Teec Nos Pos pattern although evidence shows that it originally appeared at the Red Mesa Trading Post, about 15 miles west of Teec Nos Pos. The pattern is very similar to the “Eye Dazzler” patterns of the early 1900’s.


Teec Nos Pos is one of the few fully operating trading posts on the Navajo reservation today.