Storm Pattern Weavings

This style of weaving was first developed by J.B. Moore at Crystal and was one of the designs featured in his famous catalogs of Navajo weaving. It survived and became a “traditional” pattern in Navajo weaving with its own category at the Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial.

The basic pattern is simple and was designed by Moore and his weavers. The four blocks in the corners represent the Four Sacred Mountains (Mt. Hesperus, Mt. Humphries, Mt. Hesperus and Blanca Peak), the lines from the center of the weaving represent lightning connecting the Sacred Mountains, the block in the center represents the heavens, usually there are arrows on the sides standing for thunder and at the ends you will often see symbols for clouds, rain and the “skimmers” or “water bugs” that come out on the desert when it rains.

Today storm patterns are woven across the Navajo Nation.