Toh-Atin Gallery Videos

Pull up a chair and relax as Jackson Clark shares virtual tours of our beautiful gallery! You'll find just about any category of Native American art you can think of and one-of-a-kind works of art in all price ranges. Jackson also shares some of his favorite stories and highlights artists. Check back soon, as we're always adding to this collection of videos.

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Toh-Atin has an entire room of baskets from Native American tribes. Basketry is one of the oldest Native American art forms.

Bronze Sculpture

We're proud to carry the works of Kevin McCarthy, George Walbye and Joe Cajero in the Gallery. This video Jackson talks about Kevin's approach to his sculpting.

Gourd Art

Are you ready for something fun? Lona Warne creates beautiful art out of gourds. Yes, gourds! Rattles, Christmas ornaments, wall art and more are so colorful and fun you'll want at least one of your own!


Vintage or contemporary, we carry a large selection of silver, gold, mixed metals adorned with turquoise, red coral, spiny oyster shell, jet and more. You can spend a whole day browsing the works by artists like Jeanette Dale, Jesse Robbins, Randy Secatero and Sylvana Apache, and many other talented Native American artists!


Katsinas are hand-carved wooden dolls used to instruct Hopi children in the Hopi religion. These dolls represent spiritual beings. After watching the video, you might enjoy this article by Chester Poleyestwewa, one of the artists whose Katsinas we carry in the gallery. Enjoy!


Do you love paintings of the American Southwest? We have many artists, both Native American and other artists whose work captures the spirit of the Southwest. Jackson has some interesting stories of the art and the artists in this video!

Pueblo Pottery

You would think these pots were thrown on a wheel--but they're not! The story of Pueblo pottery is interesting and Jackson shares background on the materials and techniques used to form these beautiful pots. You'll also love the fun-loving side of Pueblo pottery represented by Storyteller pottery.


We're privileged to work with very accomplished weavers from many different weaving areas. Each area has developed its own style, usually because of its history with owners of the early trading posts. Jackson takes you through some of the history of Navajo weaving styles in this video--and you get to see some outstanding examples of weaving!