Young, Nancy

For over 40 years, visitors to Nancy Young's studio in New Mexico have seen her elbow-deep in colorful paper pulp or working on a new project. "There's always another step, a new area to explore. That's what makes what I do so challenging."

Papermaking is an ancient tradition. Once considered craftspeople, papermakers are now showing their work in top galleries and museums throughout the country. Young has taken honors in over 35 national and international juried shows, winning best of show and purchase awards. Her work is found in the collections of the University of Arizona, the University of New Mexico and the University of Northern Arizona, as well as in major private and corporate collections. "I'm constantly hunting for some way to express myself that is different from anyone else and different from what I have done in the past. . . it's a compulsion. I never think about being an artist. . . it's not the label that counts. It's the quest."


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