Dreher, Albert

Dreher, Albert

A sepia-toned mental image of a time that could be the past . . . or the present. The work of Colorado artist Albert J. Dreher recalls eras of Americana by playing sand and sienna and umber hues into pastoral settings. His work is rich with nostalgia, recalling places and times and, maybe every now and then in a certain light on a certain day, the people of the land.

His background is advertising and graphic design, highly-disciplined professions which require dedication to the craft and daily goals of visually communicating messages and ideas. For more than ten years, Al served as a graphic designer and art director in Denver, where he created entire visual campaigns to help market and portray a captivating, visible identity for companies. He studied in Denver, receiving degrees in visual communications and advertising design from the Colorado Institute of Art. His work earned the acclaim of fellow professionals and national organizations, resulting in awards from the Denver Advertising Federation, the Art Directors Club of Denver, the Colorado Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, the Advertising Business Professionals Association, special recognition for an environmental theme from the United Nations and a Gold Medal from the New York Art Directors Club.

Dreher's unique oil washes have attracted the attention of collectors throughout the United States and Europe, who realize the value of his paintings. His art shows in galleries in Durango, Colorado; Santa Fe, New Mexico and Sedona, Arizona.