About Us

We are Toh-Atin Gallery, recognized nationwide for our quality works of Native American art. Whether you want a painting for your wall or Pueblo pottery by the finest artists, we have just what you're looking for. Find out why we are an art gallery where you can find that special piece and enjoy our personalized service.

We take pride in offering creations of value for sale to our clients. Our knowledge and experience in working with Native artists is the result of over 60 years of collecting, selling, and appreciating Native American Art.


The artists whose work we show in our gallery are family friends, and in many cases we have worked with the same families for generations. For the finest in antique and contemporary turquoise and silver Native American jewelry, Navajo rugs, Pueblo pottery, Kachina dolls, baskets, masks, paintings, sculpture, fetishes and more, Toh-Atin Gallery is the collector's choice.

Our great customers come from as close as our hometown, Durango, Colorado, to as far away as Asia, Europe, and the entire United States. New pieces are added to our gallery on a daily basis, so make time to stop in or check out our website whenever you can. If you're looking for a specific painting or works by a favorite artist, we can help locate the perfect piece t add to your home or office--or for that perfect, unique gift. We love the Native American art and the people who make it, and we know you do, too. There is no gallery with a larger selection for your to enjoy.

Stop by Toh-Atin Gallery today and you will see why we are an art gallery that can be trusted to provide the finest authentic American Indian art. Our goal is to help you add to your collection, learn about the Native cultures of the Southwest, discover new artists and art forms, and share our love of Native American art and culture. Whether you are an avid collector or are just learning about the artistry of America's first people, we welcome you to come into our gallery or browse our website today.

The Clark Family