On November 3 in Denver, we will be holding the 33rd Annual Benefit Silent Auction and Sale of Navajo Weavings (and we have now added Indian Jewelry) to benefit the University of Colorado Museum of NaturalHistory. It is a small, beautiful, underfunded museum staffed with dedicated people and the home to one of the finest collections of Navajo Weaving in the world. 

34 years ago, Dr. Joe Ben Wheat, the curator of the collection, was sharing a bourbon with Jackson Clark Sr.  Wheat was concerned that he did not have the money to properly preserve and restore this important collection. Dad volunteered to run an auction for the benefit of the Museum. The first year we sold five rugs. 

Since then, the event has continued to grow. We moved the location to Downtown Denver and have raised several hundred thousand dollars for the museum. It is all staffed with volunteers and family members. The profits, after the cost of doing the sale, all go to the museum.


During the year, we put on benefit sales for a couple of large museums with big advertising budgets. The CU museum simply does not have those funds.

Every dollar that we spend on advertising comes out of the money that could go to the museum. Newspapers ads cost thousands and don’t reach as many people as they used to. Newspapers used to run stories on events like this. Today, they have no space.


The most effective way to reach people is directly.  If you would share this event with your email or Facebook list, it will help us to make this a successful fundraiser.

The “100 Navajo Rugs Silent Auction and Sale” will be held on Saturday, November 3 in the Lobby of The Denver Post Building at 101 West Colfax. The Denver Post no longer occupies the building, but it still has the name. The sale opens at 9:30 am and goes until 5 pm. Hundreds of Navajo weavings, from all of the weaving areas, antique and contemporary, will be available for silent auction with a “buy it now” option that allows you to purchase any weaving by paying 20% over the minimum bid. That way you don’t have to wait until the final bids at 5 pm and take a chance on the cost going up.

IMG_0290A selection of quality Indian Jewelry will be on sale all day with the retail portion going to the Museum. 

I will be offering free, informal appraisals on your Navajo weavings from 10 am until 3 pm, except at 1 pm when I will be giving a talk on Navajo weaving. This year, I am going to concentrate on the interesting history that resulted in the different regional weaving styles. I think you will like it! 

IMG_0207Ben Leroux, a world class restoration and cleaning expert will be giving free estimates on what you can do to revive your Navajo weavings. 

Thank you for your help in promoting our 33rd year supporting the CU Museum of Natural History! 

Hope to see you there!