The American Bison or as we call it, the Buffalo, roamed the plains of the American West virtually unchallenged by natural predators. They were an essential part of life for the Indians of the plains. The Buffalo provided food, hides for teepees, clothing and robes for winter. The leather was used for bridles, shields, bows and many other things.

Until the coming of the railroad and the fur trade, these magnificent animals covered the plains. Today, small herds exist and there is a growing market for the healthy, lean meat of the Buffalo.


If you are a University of Colorado football fan, your favorite Buffalo is probably Ralphie. Ralphie V is the official mascot of the Buffs, leading the team onto the field at every home and bowl game. Handlers, wearing cowboy hat and track shoes, sprint alongside this huge animal keeping it in check.

Unfortunately, CU doesn’t often get to bowl games. It has a reputation as a drinking school with a football problem. But that is about to change. They are now 5-0 for the season and, barring a major let down, look to be headed to a bowl and maybe a good one!


For over 30 years, we have sponsored a Benefit Navajo Weaving Sale and Auction every November to raise money for the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History. This year the event is going to be held on Saturday, November 3, in the Denver Post Building Lobby. We will be sending out information soon!

But right now, appears to be a great time to send out an email on the Buffalos we have in the gallery!  Everyone can have their own unique Ralphie and we will donate 20 percent of every Buffalo purchase from this email to the University of Colorado Museum.


The selection runs from a beautiful bronze by Kevin McCarthy to jewelry, pottery, kachinas and some great paintings by Leland Holiday!

The Buffs are on a role and you can help the CU Museum by adding your own unique Buffalo to your collection. Please hurry before they start drinking again! Click on the photo to take you to the item on the website or call us!