Our major focus for Gallery Walk is a great showing of Stanton Englehart’s paintings but something else came up that is just too good not share. 

We recently met a gentleman from the Colorado Front Range whose father had passed. It turns out that his father was an avid collection of American Indian belt buckles. He may have been a little more than avid!


This gentleman had a great eye for quality and was always on the lookout for something unique. He accumulated over 150 buckles and, according to his son, he rotated them, wearing a different one every day until he made his way through the collection, then he started over. 

As you might guess, these buckles were well treated and cared for! We are fortunate that the family decided to have us sell their father’s collection and we decided that Gallery Walk was the perfect time to make them available! Every one of them is also on the website.


All of Stanton’s paintings for the show are also on our website. 

It is going to be a great evening this Friday, May 10 in Downtown Durango as the city’s galleries show off their best! Please join us!