In 1936, Sallie Wagner Lippincott and her husband Bill moved to the Navajo Reservation as National Park Service employees at Canyon de Chelly, Arizona. 

One of the first people they met was Leon Hugh (Cozy) McSparron who was the Indian Trader at the Thunderbird Ranch (which is now the Thunderbird Lodge and is owned by the Navajo Tribe) at the mouth of the Canyon.

Cozy was born in Gallup in 1892. His parents were from Scotland. They sent him to school in Denver where he became a boxer, and a pretty good one. On returning to Gallup, the story goes that he was in a boxing match that was attended by Hartley Seymour, who owned the Thunderbird ranch. Seymour had a neighboring trader who apparently made it a habit of coming over to the Thunderbird and beating Seymour up.

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