We have, without any question, the best customers on the planet! To all of you who follow our newsletter and make it possible for us to share the great works of Native and Southwestern artists, we say "Thank You!"

Jeanette Dale Turquoise Pendant

We have never met many of you, but have gotten to know you through wonderful telephone conversations when you have called about our website. We love it when people call to talk about pieces we have on the site or even to check the "real" ski report at Purgatory!

That was one of the reasons I hesitated to put a shopping cart on the site. I really felt that if someone wanted to buy a nice piece of jewelry or a pot or a painting,  they would want to talk about it.

Transitional Weaving

Well, it took a considerable effort by our farsighted staff and Suzanne Harrison, owner of Convergency Marketing in Durango, to change my mind. What it finally came down to was that I was basically being old fashioned and controlling! If someone knows about Maria Martinez pottery and they want to shop at midnight without having to talk to someone, they should be able to do that!

Of course, that is right. In today's world, you don't always need help!

Jimmy Poyer Pendant


But, we want to promise you that we will always answer the phone or your emails and you can still call and get the ski report. (It snowed last night!) If you are more comfortable talking to a real person, we want you to do that. And, our same guarantee, that you will like what you bought from us, stands!

In addition to the shopping cart, the new site, designed by Suzanne Harrison, features better photos and ways to look at the pieces you are considering, better descriptions, a new blog, easier navigation and lots of other things I don't understand.

Vintage Basket

We still have a lot of work to do on the site (actually it is like mowing a lawn, it's never ending!). We will be putting hundreds of new pieces on it during the next months so if you can't find what you want please call us. 

But, it is really your site, so if you find things that don't work or things that you think we could be doing better, give us a shout and let us know. We are very happy with the initial response, but there is always something that can be done better, so let us know!

Thank you for your continued support of Toh-Atin and the artists we represent. You and they are what make what we do the pleasure that it is!

Thank you for following our blog,