Mae Morgan weavings arrived just in time for the Holidays! 

If you have followed our newsletter for awhile you know that Mae Morgan has always been one of our favorite people and a very special weaver.

Mae was born around 95 years ago. Even she does not know for sure how old she is because no one recorded the date when she was born.

We do know that she has been at it a long time!

Our father started buying rugs from her back in the 1960s and we continue to do that today.

Mae and her daughter, Rosita, come to visit about every 3 months and they bring all the weavings she has created in that period of time. This week-end she brought up 22 unique, hand spun wool weavings, and brought us all Christmas gifts! What a sweetheart!

If there is someone on your gift list who loves Navajo weavings or Navajo culture, a Mae Morgan weaving is absolutely the perfect gift.

They are all woven from hand-spun wool with some vegetal dyes. All are about 33 x 23" and sell for $510, but each is special and unique.

Who knows how much longer Mae will be weaving, but if you want to own, or share, a beautiful piece of Navajo culture by one of the Navajo Nation's classic weavers, this might be the time to do it. 

We took these photos quickly, so we could send you this email in time for Christmas. And, yes, they can arrive before Christmas, but don't wait much longer. Call us by Thursday morning. 


Happy Holidays from everyone at Toh-Atin Gallery!