When the Winter Olympics came to Salt Lake City in 2002, one of the most popular attractions for people from all over the world was the exhibit on Native American cultures and lifestyles. The organizers of the Olympics made a special effort to highlight the tribes of Utah and the Southwest. 

One of their efforts was to work with John Nieto, an amazing artist of Navajo, Mescalero Apache and Hispanic background to commission a wonderful set of Serigraphs that highlighted Nieto’s bold use of primary colors. It was called the “Olympic Power” Suite that included three images highlighting the athletic performances of the event.


“Swifter’” is a Coyote at a full run, “Higher” shows a rabbit leaping through the air and “Stronger” is the image of a Grizzly Bear, the most powerful animal in North America. 

Higher_John_NietoThese images were printed in a signed and limited edition of 195 and were sold out immediately. 

Higher_John_NietoNieto is one of the most admired and collected Native American artists. His work hangs in museums around the world. Many of you have probably seen his powerful painting, “Buffalo Dancer” which hangs in the Albuquerque Sunport. One of his paintings was gifted to Ronald Reagan who hung it in the Oval Office and it now resides in the Reagan Presidential Library.

John_Nieto_CoverWe have obtained a set of these beautiful prints, in their original portfolio, that we are offering for sale. The images measure 20”x 25” and the paper size is 25” x 29”. They come with the signed certificates of authenticity and the price is $5,000. Nieto’s Serigraphs currently sell for $2500 each, so this is a significant value. 

“Swifter, Higher, Stronger” a classic set of Nieto’s work that commemorated one of the world’s best Olympic Events. You can call us directly, or select it online on our website, but don’t wait too long, it is sure to sell quickly!