Carolyn Sando, of Jemez Pueblo, has been a great friend and one of our favorite artists since she attended Fort Lewis College in Durango, over thirty years ago!


Large Nativity Set, by Caroline Sando

It’s hard to believe we’ve known each other for that many years, but it has been a pleasure. She is one of those people whose enthusiasm and smile are contagious!

In the fall of every year, she brings us a nice selection of her Nativity sets which are always a big hit. The individual pieces in each set radiate personality and it certainly makes you feel good to look at them.

Well, this summer, Carolyn outdid herself and brought in two really nice large storytellers. I am talking large!

The storyteller tradition was started by Helen Cordero, a potter from Cochiti Pueblo, who created the first ones in 1964. Others at Cochiti began to make them and, later, Jemez potters adopted the style.


Helen Cordero Stroyteller $5000


The interesting thing about Jemez is that the Pueblo never really made pottery until the 1900’s. Or, more correctly, they quit making pottery in the early 1800’s when they were forcibly moved to the single location where the Pueblo is located today, about 50 miles north of Albuquerque.


According to oral history, hundreds of vessels were smashed to prevent the Spanish conquerors from taking them. For years, the Jemez people obtained pottery from other pueblos, including neighboring Zia. The Jemez people had very fertile lands and food was a trade item for the vessels they obtained from others.

Because of the late start in contemporary pottery at the village, it is possible to identify nearly every potter that worked with the clay during the revival period. Many of the Jemez potters specialized in figurines and other styles that were intended to be sold to the tourist and collector trade.

Carolyn Sando’s storytellers and Nativity sets are certainly a step above the average tourist market and her work is sought after by collectors around the world.

We are proud to represent Carolyn Sando’s work in the gallery and would love to have you have a piece in your home. How could you ever have a bad day when you get to look at one of her lovely storytellers every morning?

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