Navajo Weavings Turned Into Purses, Turquoise Watch Bracelets Transformed into Bracelets, and the Beauty of Eric Hodges’ Leatherwork

 Toh-Atin Gallery Navajo Rug purses, leatherwork, Eric Hodges artist  Toh-Atin Gallery Durango Navajo weaving purses

Durango master leatherworker and silversmith Eric Hodges will be featured at Toh-Atin Gallery for the Spring Gallery Walk on Friday May 12. 


Eric is well known in Durango for his outstanding creations in hand crafted leather, from coats to packs to purses to knife sheaths. 


This last year, he was in the gallery and we had a couple of old Navajo rugs that had seen better days. They had holes and tears in them and they just were not worth fixing, but they had really cool designs.  We were talking about mixing fabric and leather in his creations and Eric was excited about giving the idea a shot with Navajo weaving. He took the old rugs and has created an outstanding selection of really fashionable purses and bags! 

Toh-Atin Gallery Navajo weaving and leather backpack by Eric Hodges

These bags are not just for fashion, they are meant to be used. It is not unusual for someone to walk in the galley with a bag made by Eric that has been used for years and it looks like new!


Several years ago, he began to experiment with silversmithing and some of the details on his purses are the result. He also came up with a really cool idea where old turquoise and silver watchbands, which have fallen out of style because of the changing look of modern watches, are rejuvenated by removing the watches and replacing them with beautiful pieces of turquoise.




We’ll have some photos of these in Thursday’s email, but I think you will find them really interesting and attractive. Hodges will also be showing examples of other creations in leather.


Eric and his wife, Carlyn, have been fixtures in the Durango area for over four decades. Many Durangoans will remember him for his death-defying bump skiing at Purgatory “back in the day!” He claims those days are over, but don’t kid yourself. It’s like the country song, “He’s not as good as he once was, but he’s as good once as he ever was!” Hodges is also a black belt in martial arts and loves to ride his Harley Davidson.  


It is going to be a fun night as the summer season kicks off with the Spring Gallery Walk on Friday from 5 until 9 pm!  Please join us and perhaps pick up that last minute Mother's Day gift!


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