Those of you know me or read this blog regularly, know that I never met a Navajo Rug that I didn't like. Sure, some are more favorite than others, but there is always something to find in a rug that you can like and admire.

So what happens when a weaving is damaged or suffers a color run? What if your dog chews off the corner or your best friend (because you would never) drops a glass of red wine or coffee on your favorite weaving?

Most of these pieces can be fixed. We are happy to refer you to a qualified restoration person who can bring your weaving back to life.

But, sometimes a weaving gets worn to death, or so seriously damaged that it is beyond repair. What do you do then? Sometimes people will make pillows or Christmas stockings out of the parts of the weaving that are still intact. And this year, we have begun working with two artists who create beautiful handbags and backpacks.


Eric Hodges and Jackson Clark at Toh-Atin's Spring Gallery Walk


We are featuring Eric Hodges’ bags this week at our Santa Fe Indian Market Show at the Inn at Loretto. Eric has been a leather artist for years, crafting custom made coats for the Hollywood crowd. Really, anything that you can make out of leather, he can do, exceptionally well.


This summer, Eric began to work with Navajo Rug remnants and has created a great selection of beautiful bags for the Indian Market week. I love them for two reasons; they are absolutely beautiful and they give new life to an dead (almost) Navajo rug.


Come by the Zuni Ballroom in the Inn at Loretto this week between Tuesday, August 14 and Sunday, August 20, from 10 am until 6 pm and check them out!

At the bottom of this blog you will find our program schedule for Indian Market Week.

The second artist working with Navajo weaving remnants is Pam Robbins. This Prescott, Arizona artist is one of our favorites and the mother of silversmith Jesse Robbins.


Pam Robbins

We will be featuring her work at the Fall Gallery Walk in Durango on September 15 along with Jesse’s jewelry, Kevin McCarthy’s first painting show and Lona Warne’s gourd art.

We hope to see you in Santa Fe this week, but if you are in Durango instead, which is not a bad second choice, remember the gallery is full of beautiful things and we are looking forward to seeing you!


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