The Annual Navajo Weaving Sale and Silent Auction will be Saturday June 10, 2017 at the Museum of Natural History of Utah in Salt Lake City, Saturday.

  • Preview all day Friday 
  • Free Evaluations of your Navajo weavings all day Friday and Saturday from 11 am until 1 pm
  • Free Lecture on Navajo weaving on Saturday at 2 pm

This coming Saturday, Toh-Atin Gallery will return to the Museum of Natural History of Utah in Salt Lake City for our annual Navajo Weaving Silent Auction and Sale!



This is one of our favorite events every year! We started doing fundraising shows for the Museum back in 1975 when my sister, Antonia, was a student at the University of Utah. 

Since that time, the Natural History Museum has moved from an old, remodeled building at the University into one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. The new Museum is an amazing example of what a community can create and we are proud to be associated with them!

Over 100 Navajo weavings, old and new, ranging is price from $100 to over $10,000 will be featured in this unique, all day event! Styles including Two Grey Hills, Burnham, Yeis, Ganado, Klagatoh, Teec Nos Pos, pictorials, Sandpaintings and more!

With a "buy it now" feature that allows attendees to purchase any weaving in the exhibit prior to the end of the auction by paying 20% over the minimum, it is possible to attend the show at any time during the day and find your personal treasure without waiting until the final bell of the auction. 

If a bid has been placed on a weaving, it has to stay in the auction until the 4 pm closing bids on Saturday. Many people will come by during the day, place a bid and return for the end of the auction, but if you can't make it back and you win the weaving, the Museum will arrange to hold or ship it to you. 

This year, we will have a preview day on Friday. You can come by and look at all of the available pieces and even place a bid if you like, but the "buy it now" option will not be available until Saturday. If you cannot attend on Saturday, you can leave bidding instructions with us!

I will be offering free evaluations of your Navajo rugs from 10 am until 5 pm on Friday and from 11 am until 1 pm on Saturday. We can also give advice on repair and cleaning. 

And I will also be giving a free lecture on the history of Navajo weaving and the Navajo people at 2 pm on Saturday. If you have heard me before, don't worry, I never say the same thing twice so you'll still have a good time. 

The actual sale and auction runs from 10 am until 5 pm on Saturday with the final bids at 4 pm. The sale will continue until 5. 

This gorgeous museum is located at 301 Wakara Way in the Rio Tinto Center. You do not have to purchase a museum admission to attend any of the Navajo weaving events, but they have some great new exhibits and you will probably want to check them out. 

Here's a link to the Museum's website. If you have questions, please give the gallery a call at 970 247-8277.

We look forward to seeing you and look forward to a great time in Salt Lake City! 

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