Today I’d like to introduce you to the pottery Dean Haungooah (b. 1972.) I believe that he is one of the most talented and least known Pueblo potters. His family name in Kiowa translates to “Sunlight reflecting off Buffalo Horns.”


Dean Haungooah

Dean comes from a long line of famous people. His grandfather, James Haungooah (1861-1941) was a well-known Indian Scout and Medicine Man. He was also known for his ledger drawings that depicted the life of the Kiowa. He was called “Silverhorn."

His father was Art Cody Haungooah, a Kiowa who fell in love with and married Martha Suazo. In the Pueblo way, he moved to Santa Clara with his wife’s family and he learned the art of pottery making. Hers was a family of great potters including Jeri Naranjo, Dolores Curran and Kevin. Art became one of the best in the family.


Kiowa Ram Pot

The sgraffito (lightly etching designs in the clay) method of pottery design was made popular by Joseph Lonewolf in the 70s and Art became a master of the technique. Unfortunately, both Art and Martha died in the mid-80s. He was only 40 years old.


Kiowa Crane Pot

Dean grew up potting, making his first pot at the age of 5. When he was 15, he won a Blue Ribbon at the Gallup Ceremonial. He has since won many awards, but maintains a low profile preferring to sell to galleries rather than doing shows.


Kiowa Deer Pot

He followed his father’s footsteps and specializes in the sgraffito style of work, primarily making small “seed pots” with carvings of Mimbres designs. These are beautifully made pots that are fired under sheep manure to give them a shining black finish.

Dean Haungooah Pots in the Gallery

Miniature Pottery in the Gallery