Did you realize that Mesa Verde National Park, between Cortez and Durango, Colorado is the only National Park in the United Stated dedicated to the works of man rather than the works of Nature?

It also requires a lot of upkeep. Cliff Dwellings were not designed to last forever. They aren’t like Old Faithful! This park, one of 12 original UNESCO World Heritage Sites, needs love and care to be around for future generations. 

The Mesa Verde Foundation is the volunteer group that raises funds and awareness to meet that need. 

Some of their activities are just plain fun while being educational at the same time. This fall, on September 6-8, you can join a select group of people and tour the park on horseback! Think about it! This would be an opportunity to visit the park feeling just like the Richard Wetherill did when he first saw the ruins in 1888! 


Well, maybe not quite, but it darn sure will be a fun trip. 

If horses are not your favored mode of transportation, Dr. Andrew Gulliford, renowned historian, author and Fort Lewis College professor, will lead a terrific tour of the park on September 28-October 1. 


He is a great storyteller and brings Mesa Verde to life! You will get to visit areas not usually open to the public and have the experience of a lifetime.

It’s hard to believe, but I have seen teenagers walking around the cliff dwellings not looking at their cell phones! Families enjoy this adventure into the past. It is an experience few people get to enjoy in this fast-paced world!