Toh-Atin Gallery has been working with Jimmy Poyer for over thirty years. Before that, he was the leader of the Jimmy Poyer Band and traveled all over the country playing country music. I always wondered if he really had played warm ups for famous country artists, as he said. It was true! And any doubts about his musical ability were put aside one day when he brought his guitar up and started rocking up the gallery.


Jimmy attended Brigham Young University before quitting to tour with his band. While he was home between road trips, he was bored and started working for Jimmy Harrison, a Navajo jeweler who also makes inlay jewelry. He soon started his own style, more free form than Harrison’s, and was really enjoying the challenge. 

His wife Teresa told him he needed to get a hit record and make money, or he needed to figure out how to stay at home more. He decided to give up the road warrior lifestyle and concentrate on the jewelry.“Really,” he says, “I was tired of it. It is hard work. I finally thought I’d made it in the music business when I could afford my own hotel room! I made a good choice.”


Well, I don’t know what would have happened to him if he’d stayed with music, but I know he is an excellent jewelry artist. We are proud to know him as a friend and to show his work. Jimmy has a great sense of humor. He drives to Durango two or three times a week to bring his jewelry to the gallery. One day I suggested he could just get a checking account in Durango, mail the jewelry to me and when he called to say he had mailed it, I would put a check in his account. It would save him hundreds of driving miles.He looked at me and said, “Jackson, it’s not about the money, it’s about the friendship!”

Love that guy!


He lives south of Farmington. Lately, he’s had his grandkids at the house doing on-line learning and he’s becoming a Zoom master.  I think he’s happy to spend a couple of quiet hours on the road!

See our current stock of Jimmy's jewelry here.