For years, back when I oversaw the Indian Arts and Crafts Association’s wholesale markets, two of the people I always looked forward to working with were Gene and Martha Jackson. They always had a smile and Martha used to stock her booth with treats. Since I can’t walk by a bowl of candy or snacks without getting personally involved, their booth was one of my favorites.


They also did the Santa Fe Indian Market and lots of other shows, but we always had time to talk and enjoy each other’s company at this show. It was a great organization. We had banquets and seminars and it was a real opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. Sadly, it disbanded a few years ago when the country had a recession.

A while back, Gene and Martha were involved in an automobile accident on their way home from Santa Fe and Martha died from injuries related to that. Gene passed a few months ago.

Tommy Jackson and his wife, Marie, are following in his parents’ footsteps. Both are exceptional silversmiths and create beautiful jewelry. While they make bracelets, rings, necklaces, or whatever you would expect a fine jeweler to make, I think you’ll like looking at their beautiful and wearable earrings.


We get to see Tommy quite a bit, not because he couldn’t find anywhere closer to where he lives to sell their work, but because he has that “horse” disease. He’s a roper and those horses burn a lot of calories, so he’s in Southwest Colorado every couple of weeks with a pickup and a trailer buying hay.

Recently, Marie has been traveling with him and it’s always fun. Tommy is usually in a real hurry, rushing in and opening his case, writing up the jewelry, and then zipping out to pick up the hay. But Marie provides a calming influence, and when she is with him, we get to spend quite of bit of time just catching up. Some women have that effect on their husbands!

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We have a great selection of their earrings and I thought, since it’s Christmas, they might just fit someone’s idea of a great gift. Of course, we’d love for you to look at their other work as well! You might even find a couple of matching items!