I know that some employers require men to wear a tie to work. And probably, there are some jobs where it really is appropriate. I can’t think of one right now, but I am sure they exist.

A bolo tie is a great alternative. They can look great with a tuxedo or they can fit with a casual shirt and blue jeans. They are comfortable, you don’t have to guess how much tie to leave hanging down when you tie your Windsor knot, they are easy to loosen around your collar and your wife or girlfriend can borrow them to wear when they want a striking and unique piece of jewelry!


The bolo is the official tie of Arizona, Texas and New Mexico. Other states are sure to follow suit!

Of course, there are bolo ties other than Native American, but if you really want a unique, one of a kind special one, a tie crafted by a Zuni, Navajo or Hopi artisan is what you want.

It should be noted, however, that the first bolo tie was made by a cowboy by the name of Victor Cedarstaff from Wickenburg, Arizona in the 1940s.

He was riding his horse one day when his hat blew off and he was nervous about losing the silver hatband he was wearing. As the story goes, he put it around his neck for safe keeping and the other cowboys started teasing him about the fancy tie he was wearing. He was a creative guy and jumped on the idea.

The name is said to be derived from the Argentine lariat, which is called a boleadora. That’s the story.None of that really matters. The important thing is how comfortable and good looking they are!


We just received two bolo ties by Sylvana Apache and her husband, Randy Secatero. They are inlaid with the image of one of the Mittens in Monument Valley and are beautiful.

Be sure to check out the other bolos on the site!

They never have to be ironed! and if you spill something on them, they don’t have to go to the cleaners!