If you have never been to a Gem and Mineral show, don’t pass this one up! It is worth your time with over 500 dealers and some of the most unique things you have seen in your life.

This show is becoming the largest show of its kind in the United States. It bridges both side of I-70 at the Denver Coliseum and is open from 10 until 6 pm daily. Our booth, # R12, is located inside the Main Coliseum Building near the food court and main entrance.


A lot of you may wonder why Toh-Atin Gallery is exhibiting at a gem and mineral show. For several years, Ed has been after me to exhibit in Tucson at that February show. The problem is that there are so many venues across the city, it’s hugely expensive and it takes two weeks out of the ski season!

Last year Ed did the show in Denver and loved it. It is a compact area and the show has free parking and admission. We still needed a more conveniently located booth and that came about when Gary Wiersema, the owner of Gems of the Earth from Boulder, Colorado, offered to share a booth with us.


Gary has been a friend and business partner for over twenty years. He is one of the most highly respected precious gem and semi-precious stone dealers in the world and we were honored to share the space.

Some of you know that Ed, my son, has been cutting Turquoise and other semi-precious stones for a little over a year and this show will offer him an opportunity to share what he is doing with you. He will also have our outstanding collection of Indian Jewelry featuring all the great artists we work with as well as vintage pieces.


We hope you'll visit us at TheDenver Mineral Show’ between the 8th and the 16th! You will enjoy yourself!