For the past several years, we have been featuring the Navajo Folk Art of Delbert Buck. He was born in 1976 and had done a lot of things to make a living since then including being an electrician, a physical therapist, and an auto mechanic, but he has never moved away from his enjoyment of carving unique and entertaining animals and characters in unusual situations.


If you have seen his work, you will remember it. His pieces place people, primarily Navajos, and animals in unique situations that evoke humor and some satire. He is willing to think out of the box and doesn’t hesitate to follow his inspirations. In Delbert Buck World, a sheep can fly an airplane!


He started carving at age 9 and was showing in his first gallery at 14. He, Leland Holiday, and Roger Armstrong used to travel to Native art shows around the country and were considered on the cutting edge of the Navajo Folk Art movement.


His art is made from cottonwood roots, “found objects,” boards, wire, leather, and anything else he sees that he thinks will add to the story. He paints his sculptures with bright colors and happy faces!

His work is certain to bring a smile to you, or perhaps to the lucky person on your holiday gift list!


And, for a limited time, in the gallery and on the web, all of Delbert’s sculptures are on sale for 30% off!

See all of Delbert Buck's Folk Art in the Gallery!

If you are in Durango, we have a special display of his work, so stop by and take a look!