Charlie Daniels is not slowing down! This fall, he came out with a great new book, “Let’s All Make the Day Count—the Everyday Wisdom of Charlie Daniels” and a new album, “Beau Weevils — Songs in the Key of E.”

The book is a delight. There is not a more positive person in the world than Charlie. He has surely had difficult times, but he is a guy that looks at the brighter side of life. This collection of short pieces of advice, based on his experiences and spiritual beliefs is something worth reading every night before you hit the sack or every morning as a way to charge up and face the day with a positive outlook.


In a story on Charlie in Billboard Magazine about his new book, they quote him as saying, "We're only allotted so many days and we don't know which one is going to be the last one or how many we've got left. I don't want to waste even one day. We've got enough days where we're sick or tired or something and can't function the way we want to, but to waste a day arguing with somebody or holding grudges or anything like that is a total waste. I've lived this stuff. This is not just something I'm writing. I've lived it. I want people to realize how valuable their lives are. Each day is a total blessing from God and to waste a day is a day gone. You can never ever get it back. Every day is a gift, so make the day count."


The new CD is a straightforward country rock album. There isn’t anything fancy about it, just four great musicians playing great music with people they enjoy. Daniels wrote or co-wrote all the songs. 

He was quoted by “Taste of Country” explaining the new album: 

Beau Weevils - Songs in the Key of E” is the culmination of a long held desire of James Stroud and myself to do a project together," Daniels says. “James is one of the finest and most soulful drummers in the business and I figured we could get together, musician to musician, and come up with something special. We just needed a vehicle in the form of songs that would fit the bill.


“Daniels says the project started when he was fooling around on his guitar and came up with the opening riff of "Mudcat." "That song set the style for the rest of the songs I would write, that all lent themselves to being played in the key of E, hence the title.”

We look forward to welcoming Charlie and his wife Hazel back to the gallery for the book signed on Saturday, January 19 at 2 pm. 

Please join us!

If you would like one of his autographed books, but can’t join us on Saturday, you can give the gallery a call or email us. Give us your contact information and how you would like the book personalized. It sells for $16.99 plus shipping.