This last weekend we hosted a Native Arts Market at the gallery which was really fun. Lots of you came and the artists really had a good day, meeting new people and sharing their work. 

One of the people who joined us was Navajo Artist Peter RayJamesYou can read about his personal story on our blog, but I wanted to share a painting that he recently completed that I think really grasps this man’s positive outlook on life. 

For several years, Peter quit painting and focused on canvas art, sewing animal figures out of canvas and decorating them with feathers, beads and acrylic paints. He still makes these fun pieces and we are proud to carry them.


I kept asking him when he was going to start painting again and last year he broke out the easel and reached into his bag of creativity. His new pieces are happy and fun and reflect his positive attitude. 


For the market last weekend, Peter brought up a really nice painting called, “Celebration of Life.” It is based on three corn plants, the Navajo Trees of Life, surrounded by flying birds. 

According to James, the birds are happily celebrating the three corn plants representing the Mother, the Daughter and the Grandmother. The mountains surround the canvas, represent directions and wisdom, the two crosses are symbolic of the Man and Son while the silver dots represent the people of the world. The eleven colorful birds represent, “Almost Perfect,” because you never reach perfection in life. 


It is a wonderful, happy painting that just made me feel good and I though you would enjoy seeing it! It measures 20” x 20” and is priced at $800.00. You never know, it might just make your day every morning! Sometimes we all need a reminder to celebrate life!

Thank you for following our blog!