Zia Pueblo - Gouache Painting by Rafael Medina, COASW19-36


19" X 29

- measurements include frame

- glass over painting

- gouache paint

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  • Rafael Medina was born on September 10, 1929 at Zia Pueblo NM. His Zia Pueblo name is, Tee-ya-cha-na. He was educated at Zia Day school, Zia Pueblo, Albuquerque Indian School and Santa Fe Indian School where he studied under Velino Herrera and Jose Rey Toledo. His paintings are traditional ceremonies, figures and scenes. He used water based paints, caseins which is a milk based paint and scratch boards (Tanner, pg. 158). According to Medina's son, Marcellus Medina, his father's style was flat and 2D like most Native American Indian artist that studied under Dorothy Dunn.

    This painting is like a narrative where it tells a story and has insight into Zia Pueblo culture. The detail is fine and accurate with the lining of shadows that fall on the ground. Even though most artists of this time where mostly making 2D paintings this one is realistic. A amazing painting to add to your collection.


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