Winnebago Pottery - Jacquie Stevens, CPOTSIB15-01


Winnebago pot.

Jacquie Stevens

6.25" H

8.75" diameter

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  • Jacquie Stevens, a Winnebago Native American Indian, was born in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1949. She creates asymmetrical that are minimal and some she adds various objects. In some pieces she constructs a vessel with wicker, fiber and stone. She was raised by her grandparents on the Winnebago Nebraska Reservation. She had clay in her backyard along the Missouri River and was continually making things. She was sent to boarding schol in Flandreau, South Dakota at age thirteen and then to Haskell Institute. Later she attended the University of Colorado at Boulder to learn about anthropology. In 1975 she arrived in Santa Fe to enroll in the Institute of American Indian Art.  Otellie Loloma, the well-known Hopi potter and teach became Jacquie's mentor. She learned that each pot has its own life, personality, character and form. From this she looked at pots differently.

    This pot has a expression of modesty. A flawless pot that is well constructed in the walls. The only details is the line work around the opening. This pot is very smooth with no cracks. An elegant pot to add to your collection.