Tohono O'odham Basket - Split stitch, BASDAP15-01


Split stitch weave

4.5" H

7" diameter

20" around basket

Condition: Good

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  • This is a Tohono O'odham split stitch basket. The beargrass is bundled together and wrapped with yucca. The techniques are shared between the Tohono O'odham and Pima tribes due to their location by the Gila River. It was started with a four square knot that is visible on the inside of the basket and on the inside of the lid. The outer bottom and top of lid have a plaited pattern. This basket has a split stitch where the weave splits and the the top weave starts where the split is and continues upward. This basket can be used for dry storage and can also be display piece. A handmade basket to add to your collection.