Sioux Pottery- Norman Redstar, CPOTDOR-IP-216


10" H

6" opening

8.5" diameter

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  • Norman Red Star is a Sioux Native American Indian and born in 1955. He was inspired by he uncle, Redstarr, to continue making art related to tradition. At the age of 16 he started by making beadwork.  Then at 24 he carved into stone and 26 he began to paint. At the age of 40 be started to make pottery. He specializes in making traditional Santa Clara pottery. He gets his ideas from hunting and being out in nature. He etches animal legends on his pots and ads turquoise stones. He signs his pieces with his Native name: "Wi-Cahpe-Luza, which means swift star. It also has a shield symbol and his census number. 

    Now this pot has a beautiful repeating design of a man on horseback  herding buffalo. The rim has buffalo going around as well. This pot has depth and detail like a painting on a Santa Clara pot. The pot itself has a brownish hue and the stone polishing lines are vertical whereas most pots are polished horizontal. Its well made with no damage. A beautiful pot to add to your collection.