San Juan Pottery - Carved Pot by Tomasita Montoya, CPOTMBG13-12


6.25" L

5.25" W

4" H


condition: good

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  • Tomasita Reyes Montoya was born in 2/2/1899 -  5/22/1978. She started making pottery around 1930. She is one of seven original  potters of the 1930s, "San Juan Revival". She made incised polychrome redware jars, bowls, vases, fine line and micaceous jars and bowls. She is the sister of Billy and Reyas, wife of Juan Reyas Montoya and her daughters are Dominguita Naranjo and Rosita de Herrara. Some of her pots are made and signed by her daughter Dominguita Sisneros/Naranjo (Schaaf, pg. 248). 

    This pot is signed by both Dominguita Sisneros and Tomasita Montoya. This bowl is made with thick walls to be carved into. It has some minor scuffs on a unpainted area. The rest of the bowl is in good shape with signatures on the bottom. A handmade bowl to add to your collection.


    Schaaf, Gregory. "Pueblo Indian Pottery 750 Artist Biographies", (2000) Center of Indigenous Arts and Culture Press.