San Ildefonso Pottery- Juanita Wo-peen Gonzales, CPOTRCB15-03


4" H

3.25" at opening

5.5" diameter

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  • Juanita Gonzales(Wo-peen) was born in 1909 and passed in 1988. She is a Taos Native and married Louis "Wo-peen" Gonzales a San Ildefonso Native. Juanita was worked in the hospital around the 1930s and met her husband there then married 1933. She is the daughter of Mercedes Archuleta. Aldephina Martinez (daughter) mentions that her mother was a very caring, helpful and knowledgeable person. Also that her parents were multi-lingual and spoke Tewa, English, Spanish ad Tiwa. Juanita moved to San Ildefonso and learned to making pottery from Rose Gonzales the wife of her husbands brother.  She was an active potter in 1930-82. She carved black-on-black and redware jars, bowls, plates, polished blackware wedding vases, carved canteens, figure like turtles and frogs(Schaaf, pg. 178). Some pieces are signed Louis and Juanita or Juanita Wo-peen. 

    This San Ildefonso bowl is by Juanita Wo-peen Gonzales. The design pots out while the body has been smoothed with no paint on it.  There are minor scuffs but the bowl is in great shape. However, the signature on the bottom has a matted texture but is still visible. A handmade bowl to add to your collection.


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