San Ildefonso Pottery - Helen and Frank Gutierrez, CPOTGW8-4


5.25" H

1.25" opening

20" around pot

condition: good

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  • Helen Gutierrez is a San Ildefonso Pueblo and comes from a family of artists. She is the great granddaughter of Santana Pena and Antonio Domingo Pena. She is the daughter of Isabel M. Montoya Atencio and Benjamin Atencio. She did exceptional paintings on her pottery. She enjoyed painting the Avanyu design and feathers (Schaaf, pg. 183). This pot has feathers around it in a cream colored slip. It has Frank Gutierrez, her husband's signature on the bottom of the pot as well. It is signed Santa Clara and San Ildefonso. It has a heavy feel and appearance. This piece is well made and has no damages. A beautiful pot to add to your collection.


    Schaaf, Gregory. "Pueblo Indian Pottery: 750 Artist Biographies". (2000) Center of Indigenous Arts and Culture.