Laguna Pueblo Pottery - M. Davis, CPBM6-2


21" H

condition: good

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  • Miriam Ortiz Davis was born December, 3 1952. She is from the Laguna tribe and her clans are Big Badger and Little Roadrunner. She started making pottery around 1983 and makes traditional polychrome jars and bowls. She is the daughter of Mark Ortiz an Marie Yepa. She likes to make rain, clouds and star designs (Schaaf, pg. 108).

    This pot is large in sale and measures up to 21"H. This pot is in good shape and has no repairs done on it. She signs: M. Davis, Laguna NM. A marvelous pot to add to your collection. 


    Schaaf, Gregory. "Southern Pueblo Pottery: 2000 Artist Biographies". (2002) Center for Indigenous Arts & Cultures Press.