If you have followed our newsletters for very long, you have read my belief that I never saw a Navajo rug I didn’t like.  Well, it really is true. I like old ones, new ones, every style, shape and size.

But what about when a weaving is so badly damaged that only a zealot like me would put it on the couch or over a bannister or on a wall?

Well, I like those rugs too!

And that is were great people like Pam Robbins and Eric Hodges enter the picture.


These people use Navajo weaving fragments to make other items. Pam, who is the mother of Jesse Robbins, one of the finest Native American traditional jewelers, years ago started working with fragments to create unique purses.


We have carried her work for years and the classic look of old Navajo weaving to accent the design of a purse has been one of our most popular items.


We have customers who are constantly on the lookout for old weavings that are beyond repair. They send them to us, and we have them cleaned and pass them on to Pam or Eric to do their magic.


Pam’s work is primarily done with fabric while Eric combines his leather work with the weavings. He, in addition to purses, does backpacks and jackets.

We have a wonderful selection of both artist’s work right now. I hope you enjoy seeing them, and, if you have any old, unusable weavings you don’t want, we can recycle them for you!