You can spin it anyway you want, but there is nothing like the third week in August in Santa Fe! The town is bustling with energy, and shows featuring the finest in Native American and tribal art are all over town. Every gallery, shop and museum is featuring their best and you get to rub shoulders with the nicest artists and friendliest people in the world! 

On Saturday and Sunday, August 19 and 20, you can experience the actual Market with hundreds of artists setting up on the Plaza and surrounding streets in the largest Native American art market in the world!

santa-fe-indian-market-toh-atin_2-web Santa Fe Indian Market!

Toh-Atin Gallery and our friends at Waddell Trading Company bring something different to the week. 

We share the Zuni Ballroom at the beautiful Inn at Loretto, which is just a block off of the plaza. 


The beautiful Inn and Spa at Loretto

The Waddells fill dozens of cases with the finest collector jewelry in the country and Toh-Atin covers the walls and floors with the largest selection of Navajo weaving in Santa Fe!

One of the issues with purchasing Navajo weaving from artists on the square during market is that, with few exceptions, because of the time it takes to weave a rug, few families can afford to build a selection to show in booths. For over 60 years, we have been partners with hundreds of weaving families, bringing their works to the world. We also offer a great selection of antique textiles.


Toh-Atin Showroom in the Zuni Ballroom

And, to make this show different, we are  sponsoring several talks and book signings that you will enjoy.

We open on Tuesday, August 15 and will be there every day from 10 am until 6 pm through Sunday, August 20

Our special events kick off Tuesday at 2 pm when I will be giving a talk about what is happening in the world Navajo Weaving today.


Jackson Clark, Toh-Atin Gallery

On Wednesday at 2pm, Gene Waddell will give a talk about contemporary trends in Indian Jewelry.

Thursday at 2pm I will be back with “Threads Through Time,” a talk on the history of the Navajo weaving and people.


At 3 pm following my talk, we are delighted to introduce Mike Ryan and Philip Chambless who will be talking about and signing their new book, The Great American Turquoise Rush: 1890-1910. You will love their stories!


Philip Chambless and Mike Ryan, authors of The Great American Turquoise Rush 1890-1910

Then, from 4 until 6 pm we will host our Indian Market opening! We are starting early so that you can catch your dinner reservations and all of the the exciting shows in town that begin that night. Start your Indian Market weekend marathon in the Zuni Ballroom!

Two new outstanding and entirely different books on Navajo weaving have just been released. On Friday, from 1 until 3 pm, we are happy to host the authors for book signings.

Navajo Textiles is a look at the Crane Collection at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science by Laurie Webster, Louise Stiver, and two of the finest weavers in the world, Lynda Teller Pete and DY Begay.


The second book, by Rebecca and Jean-Paul Valette, Navajo Weavings, The Ceremonial Themes, examines the role and evolution of Yei, Yeibichai, Sand Painting and other spiritual themes in Navajo weaving. This is a unique look at weaving that the authors have spent years researching.


All of the authors are looking forward to meeting you and sharing their thoughts!


Toh-Atin Showroom in the Zuni Ballroom

We invite you to make the Zuni Ballroom your headquarters during the week. It is a great place to meet your friends, plan your next adventure, rest your feet and catch up with everything that is going on in town.

We are bringing some very special pieces market. Watch our newsletter the next couple of days as we feature a selection of new creations and acquisitions!!

And here is a news flash!!! There are still rooms available in Santa Fe for Market Week because millions of people are heading north to be in the dark during the eclipse on August 21. Denver radio stations are encouraging people heading to the eclipse to take two days of water and food with them. Motel 6’s are selling for $1000 a night. Wouldn’t you rather be in Santa Fe?


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