One of the happiest people that we work with is Vercinda Begay from Two Grey Hills. She has been weaving for over 20 years but is best known for her miniature looms with all the weaving tools and yarn.

These looms are built of cedar and finished to be great display pieces in your home. 

We received a new one recently that has a completed weaving of blanket based on the old wearing blanket styles that I thought was particularly attractive. While the weaving are small, and the loom is only 11” x 13”, the blanket is woven in the same way a large rug would be.


If you have Navajo weavings in your home, this loom would be a perfect complement! You can show your friends how a Navajo weaving is made! 

Vercinda also makes looms with the weavings only half completed that really do demonstrate how they are made.  She likes doing special orders, but they do take about three weeks.


She makes three styles, Two Grey Hills, Ganado Reds, and the Wearing Blanket. If you’d like one half finished, she will do that too! 

Here are the weavings currently in stock.

Full weavings are $195 and partially finished weavings are $135. Please call the gallery for special orders!