Acoma Pottery - Seed Pot by Emma Lewis, CPOTKRM15-06


seed pot

2.75" diameter

1.5" H

Condition: Good

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  • Emma Lewis Mitchell (10/4/1931) is an Acoma potter and comes from the Roadrunner clan. She has been making pottery since 1952. Some of her designs include Mimbres, Anasazi Revival black on white, polychrome ollas, jars, bowls, seed pots, plates and owls. She is the daughter of Lucy M. Lewis and Toribio Hakaya Luis. She enjoys making a variety of designs that include animal motifs, split leaves, and berry bushes. 

    This seed pot has a pinkish hue with a simple black design on top. This pot has no damage to it. Its a fine pot to add to your collection.


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