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Chinle & Wide Ruins Areas Weavings

The Chinle area at the mouth of Canyon de Chelly has been the site of a number of trading posts, beginning with a tent in 1882, including J. L. Hubbell's "castle" in 1900, and finally settling with the Thunderbird Lodge. The traders of the 1930's, Leon McSparron and his wife, experimented with vegetal dyes, which inspired the local weavers to revive the designs of the Classic Period of the early 1800's.

Today, pastel commercial dyes are often used either solely or along with the natural vegetal dyes. The Wide Ruins trading center is located east of Route 191 in the hill country of the southeast corner of the Navajo Reservation. The style is very similar to the Chinle, but generally consist of 100 percent vegetal dyes. Pine Springs is just northeast of Burntwater, and is very similar to Wide Ruins.

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)