Tohono O'odham Basket - Ca. 1940s, CBASSM13-40


8" H

14" diameter
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  • This basket is a Tohono O'odham basket and is made out of yucca and devil's claw. The techniques are shared with Pima tribes due to their location by the Gila River(DeWald, pg. 29). This basket was started with a four square knot and has a a plaited pattern when viewing from the top. These types of baskets became popular after the 1900s and various shapes were being made that were directed toward the tourist trade (Whiteford, pg.136). 

    This particular basket has some wear in color and in the yucca. Some parts of the yucca have withered away and the beargrass underneath has become visible. This basket still holds its shape and the rim is intact which is the most vulnerable part of the basket. It is dated around the 1940s. A pattern of crosses go around the basket. A handmade basket to add to your collection or to give as a gift. 


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