Santa Ana Pueblo - Winter Camp Painting by Art Menchego, COAWIK19-07


34" L


Condition: Good

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  • Art Menchego (2/10/1950) was born at Tamaya which is on the Santa Ana Pueblo Reservation in New Mexico. His clan is White Cloud Eagle or Bald Eagle and his Pueblo name is 'Ka-Whe-Tewa' which interprets to "where there is snow". Art grew up on the reservation. He learned about his traditional background ground from his grandmother who spoke no english. In 1980, Art decided to dedicate his time to painting full time. He works in a wide variety of media: pencil, watercolor, oil paint, acrylic paint, pastels and charcoal. In a quote from, Indian Gaming Magazine, March 2007 Vol.17 No.3 he says, "My thoughts run deep but words seem shallow(pg. 16)". His paintings truly speak for him and his passion for Native American Indian culture. 

     This painting has meticulous detail from the foreground to the background. The faces of the two Native American Indians on the horse are stern. The smoke coming from the background makes the campground visible. There are many aspects to this painting that show life. Its a beautiful painting to add to your collection.


    1. Indian Gaming Magazine. March 2007. Vol 17.No.3 Cover Artist, Pg. 16.