Print - Color Etching & Aquatint "Spirit of Spring" by Helen Hardin, CPRHCF22-01

A print with color etching and aquatint "Spirit of Spring".

Helen Hardin(1934-1984)

18" L X 12 3/4" W - framed.

9 1/2" L X 4 1/2" W - image size. 

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  • A print with color etching and aquatint, "Spirit of Sprint" by Helen Hardin(1934-1984). She is the daughter of Pablita Velarde. Helen grew up influenced by her mother's work but was developed her own style. She was inspired by Pueblo pot designs and petroglyphs. She did series of Katsina figures that helped her career. She signed with a pencil:Tsa-sah-wee-eh with a tree symbol. The name means, Little Standing Spruce. 

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