Navajo Sandpainting Rug - "Four in One" by Mary Long, C007585

Navajo Weaving "Four-in-One" Yei Sandpainting.

Award Winning Weaver Mary Long, Ca 1970's. 

 Measures 48 by 44 inches.

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  • Navajo weaving "Four-in-One Yei Sandpainting" woven with both aniline and vegetal dyed wool by award winning weaver Mary Long. “In addition to rugs with ye’ii (Holy People) figures, Mary Long also weaves elaborate sandpainting designs. A prizewinning weaver for decades, she comes from a talented family of weavers. Some of her materials are split from 4-ply commercial yarns; others are finely handspun from local sheep’s wool.” —Ann Hedlund. Mary Long lived from 1935-2000. Measures 48 by 44 inches.