Navajo Weaving - Burnham by Sandy Begay, C007427

A Navajo Burnham Weaving, "Watched Over by Our Men".

Woven by Sandy Begay.

Measures 53" x 34".

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  • A Navajo Burnham weaving, "Watched over by our Men" by Sandy Begay. This weaving has hand spun natural and commercially processed and aniline dyed wool. This weaving has multi-banded borders on the ends in black, tan, red and white with one being a red, 'ceremonial sash' and two feature black and white feathers. The background is a light natural tan with black and dark brown terraced border on top and bottom of 'design panel'. The center consists of five Navajo women dressed in different colored, 'typical', clothing in the foreground (purple, pink, light green, orange and blue). Above and behind each woman is the silhouette of a male wearing a broad brimmed hat. This weaving is in excellent condition. It was purchased from Toh-Atin Gallery, Durango, CO, on December 23, 2002. A beautiful weaving to hang. 

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