Kachina - Hopi Kokopelli by Michael Sockyma, CKTHR20-01

A Hopi Kokopelli kachina.

Michael Sockyma

12" H X 7 1/2" W

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  • Title: Kokopelli

    Culture: Hopi

    Maker: Micheal Sockyma


    Materials: wood, yarn, coton, feathers

    Signed?: Yes

    This katsina’s image is found throughout the southwest, as well as in Mexico and

    South America. He typically appears in Mixed Katsina and Night Dances. For the

    Hopi, Kokopelli is only a flute player when he borrows one (Wright, Hopi

    Kachinas: The Complete Guide to Collecting Kachina Dolls, 120). Otherwise,

    “...he is thought of as a seducer of girls, a bringer of babies, a tutelary of

    hunting...” (Wright, Kachinas: a Hopi artist’s documentary, 109).

    Michael Sockyma, Sr. also known as Josh-du-du-ka - Singing Bluebird, and

    Mong-eu-ma, Young Corn, has been carving since the 1960s. In addition to

    holding carving demonstrations for the Barton Arts Council (2004), and the

    Museum of Northern Arizona (2005), Sockyma’s work has been exhibited in

    Indian Market (Santa Fe), Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial, Scottsdale Nationals,

    and the Museum of Man (San Diego), among others. His work has also been

    featured in Spirit Bear Gift Shop (Kykotsmovi, AZ), as well as Kokopelli (Tokyo,

    Japan) (Schaff, 291).